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Photo by Tom Grey

Summer Bird Count

SCVAS sponsors a bird count each year near the beginning of June, which covers a portion of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties (same area as the Palo Alto Christmas Bird Count). As well as counting birds, groups of observers also record any signs of breeding, such as mating, nest building, or feeding of fledged young. These counts are important in documenting trends of breeding activity. Birders of all levels are encouraged to participate, and a "countdown" dinner is held the same evening.


Palo Alto Summer Bird Count (SBC) - Saturday, June 2, 2018
Count birds in areas from from Skyline Drive to the bay in a circle that is centered near Stanford University. In addition to the popular birding locales in the circle, it also covers many urban areas of Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. If you are interested in joining, please contact the Summer Bird Count Coordinator, Bill Bousman via email.


Count Regions

  • • Regions 1/2: East of Hwy 101 and mostly cover Bayside habitats
  • • Regions 3/4: mostly located on the urban flatlands
  • • Regions 5/6: the foothills
  • • Regions 7/8: Santa Cruz Mountains

Forms to complete, clip together (don't staple packet), and submit: