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Bridges over Steves Creek

Initially, Google proposed to build two vehicle bridges and one pedestrian/bicycle bridge to connect the Bayshore area to the company's new campus development in Moffett Field. We opposed the development of a vehicular bridge on Crittenden Lane, based on a consensus among Environmental groups that such bridge would irreversibly damage important buffer lands, and threaten sensitive riparian ecosystems, marshes and wetlands and the many avian species that rely on these resources. Google is expected to restart its environmental review process for a scaled down project: crossing Stevens Creek at Charleston Road with one vehicular bridge and one bicycle/pedestrian bridge.

SCVAS invested time and effort working to reduce the scope of the proposed bridges project. We provided comments that highlighted the inadequacy of Google's CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) review. We coordinated and collaborated with other organizations (Citizens Committee to Complete the Refuge, Committee for Green Foothills, Sierra Club, Native Plant Society) and government agencies, and engaged in direct advocacy with City of Mountain View City Council and staff.

Eliminating the proposed bridge at Crittenden allows for better transition from urban to the natural landscapes and better protection of wildlife, nature and sense of place - rare resources in these days and age. We will continue following up the plan and environmental review for the proposed Charleston Bridges. We see an opportunity to continue working with other environmental organizations, with the City of Mountain View, and with Google, to allow humans and nature to thrive along the bay.

In the News

• After prodding from conservationists, Mountain View-based Google is redesigning its bridge project over Stevens Creek, one of the most hotly contested infrastructure projects in recent memory.
Mountain View Voice, April 2012. Read.

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Updated April 2012


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