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Legacy Fund and Bequests

Bequests to the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society Legacy Fund will memorialize your commitment to environmental education and conservation in the Bay Area now and well into the future, and are an important investment in the vitality of our organization.

Please contact us with questions or to let us know that you included SCVAS in your estate planning so we can add you as a supporter of our Legacy Fund.

Legacy Fund

SCVAS created the Legacy Fund to receive bequests and reserve these gifts for special conservation and education initiatives.

The SCVAS Board views gifts to the Legacy Fund as investments in the long-term sustainability of SCVAS and its mission. Income from the Fund has been used to expand SCVAS's Summer Nature Adventures program for children with the goal of educating a new generation of enthusiastic environmentalists. It also supported the hiring of an Environment Advocate to fulfill a fundamental part of our mission. We are also invested in the professional development of the Executive Director and staff to be more effective in the community. The Legacy Fund can also jumpstart new programs like a Youth Environmental Leadership Program.

What is a Bequest?

A bequest is a provision in your will or living trust that directs a portion of your estate to a named beneficiary (such as SCVAS). Giving by charitable bequest costs you nothing now and also can qualify your estate for a charitable deduction to reduce estate tax liability.

Consult with your own tax, legal, and financial planning advisor to add a bequest to your will or living trust.

There are three ways to make a bequest

  • Specific Bequest - designate a specific dollar amount, specific percentage, or specific property to SCVAS.
  • Residual Bequest - your estate will pay all debts, taxes, expenses and specific bequests. The remaining amount - the residual - will be transferred to SCVAS and others, if you indicate so.
  • Contingent Bequest - your estate can ask that SCVAS receive all or a portion of your estate only under certain circumstances. For example, you can name SCVAS as a beneficiary of you estate only if there are no surviving close family members.

Specific Bequest Sample Language

Specific dollar amount
I give, devise and bequeath the sum of _______ dollars to...

I give, devise and bequeath the following described property to... [insert description of property].

I bequeath an amount equal to _______ percent of the net value of my estate as finally determined for federal tax purposes to...

... to Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society, 22221 McClellan Road, Cupertino, CA 95014, (408)252-3747, a charitable organization located in Santa Clara County, California. Tax ID 94-6081-420.

Residual or Contingent Bequests

Please consult with your own tax, legal, and financial planning advisor to add a Residual or Contingent Bequest to your will or living trust.


Updated June 2014

Educational Field Trip with children
Funding Education

Legacy Fund
Statement of Purpose

The Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society Legacy Fund supports SCVAS in its efforts to foster public awareness of native birds and their ecosystems. The fund is dedicated to helping SCVAS meet future environmental challenges and undertake new educational and conservation initiatives in its fulfillment of this mission. Including the Legacy Fund in your estate planning is one of the best ways you can ensure that SCVAS remains a powerful advocate for birds and their habitats. Your bequest will create an enduring gift so that future generations are able to enjoy the natural beauty of the Santa Clara Valley area.

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