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For the Birds

Since 1926, our mission has been to preserve, protect, and educate our community about native birds and their ecosystems in Santa Clara County, California. We offer many opportunities for you to volunteer and get involved. Many of our popular kids' programs meet public school science standards. Peruse our extensive calendars for field trips, classes, and events that suit your interests. Please become a supporting member or donate to help continue our many programs.

Donate in our Annual Appeal

If you haven't already, it's not too late to donate in our year-end appeal. We accomplished much in 2014 thanks to our many generous supporters and volunteers. Help us continue this trend through the entire year by donating! More...

Spring Birdathon cartoon

Spring Birdathon

It is once again time for our most important fundraiser! It's easy to participate: join a team, gather pledges or donate the minimum yourself, then count birds from March 28 to April 26, 2015. People who raise the most money win valuable prizes! More...

Transitions at SCVAS

Two changes are coming to the SCAVAS staff the end of January. More...

Urgent Action Alert!

Immediate action is needed for this very important local conservation effort. Save the Stevens Creek Corridor! More...

Front Page

Highlights of our current efforts can be found on the Front Page. This installment: "Got Mice? Don't Poison their Natural Predators". More...

Speaker Series

Next program February 18, 2015: "Condors and People: How We Live (or Die) Together" by Nicole Sault. More...

Conservation Corner

Our Environmental Advocate describes some of our latest environmental issues and projects. More...

Upcoming Events at SCVAS

See more events in our calendars.

Sunday February 1, 8:00 AM (Half day)
Ulistac Natural Area

Highlights: We will look for migrants and local breeding birds in diverse habitat that does not require an entrance fee. More...

Wednesday February 4, 12:00 PM (One hour)
City of Sunnyvale Landfill
Birding geared toward beginners. More...

Wednesday February 4, 7:30-9:00 PM
The Bay Area Bird Photographers Meeting

"Avian Flight" by Arash Hazeghi

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