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Volunteer Spotlight

It is hard for us to select only a few volunteers to spotlight among our long list of deserving people. These hard-working people have distinguished themselves over the past year and we would like to extend a special thank-you to them. We owe the success of our chapter to these and all our generous and talented volunteers.

2015 is bringing a lot of changes to the structure of SCVAS, and we want to express our gratitude to those staff and volunteers who are stepping down from their many years of service with our chapter. As we do so, we also welcome our new volunteers, and extend an invitation to all of our members and friends to consider participating in new ways:

Field Notes Compiler

Saying Goodbye: After 35+ years, Bill Bousman has announced his retirement from the bi-monthly Field Notes. We've appreciated his attention to detail and hard work on this project throughout the years, and wish him many more years of great bird sightings!

Saying Hello: SCVAS welcomes Peter Dunton as the new Field Notes Compiler! A long time birder (and familiar name to many of us in the birding community around the Bay Area), we're excited to add him to our birding and newsletter team. Welcome Aboard Pete!

Palo Alto Bird Count Coordinator

Saying Goodbye: After more than 15 years, Jack Cole has announced that he will be stepping down as coordinator for both the Summer and Christmas Bird Counts in Palo Alto, effective immediately. Thanks for all your hard work, Jack - Citizen Science won't be the same without you!

A Birding Opportunity: For anyone interested in birds, birding, citizen science, and working with a great group of dedicated birders, please consider filling Jack's shoes and taking over the Palo Alto Bird Counts! The peak of the efforts are in May and November, and you'll have lots of support from veteran counters and the Christmas Bird Count compiler, Al Eisner. Contact us for more details.

2014 Bird Count Coordinators and Compilers

The SCVAS staff also would like to extend a special thank you to all of our 2014 Bird Count Coordinators and Compilers – they are some truly amazing folks! Although there are surely some names we're missing from this list, here are some details we think you'll be impressed with:

  • Bob Hirt has been participating in the Emeryville Crescent CBC for 40 years, the San Francisco CBC for at least 30 years, and has been the Mt. Hamilton CBC Coordinator/Compiler for 11 years. That's a WHOLE lot of birding!
  • Ann Verdi started out compiling the data for the San Jose CBC, then helped to organize a new regional count for the south bay as a way to bridge the gap in bird population knowledge for the Santa Clara County. She has been the Calero-Morgan Hill CBC Coordinator and Compiler for many years.
  • Kirsten Holmquist has been the San Jose CBC Coordinator and Compiler for many years. One of the most robust counts in the area, the San Jose CBC has some unique preparatory challenges that Kirsten has always handled with amazing aplomb. There's no ruffling this birders feathers.
  • Even though she doesn't even live in Santa Clara County anymore, Bonnie Bedford-White continues to assist the birding efforts by compiling the entire Santa Clara County Christmas Bird Count data into a format that is easy to read and access. We call that some long-distance birding dedication!
  • Al Eisner has been the Palo Alto CBC data compiler for the last 10-15 years - keeping us organized and aligned with the National Audubon Society data collection practices.


Updated February 2015

How to Volunteer for SCVAS

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