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Volunteer Spotlight 2013

It is hard for us to select only a few volunteers to spotlight among our long list of deserving people. These hard-working people have distinguished themselves over the past year and we would like to extend a special thank-you to them. We owe the success of our chapter to these and all our generous and talented volunteers.

Volunteer Honorees

Annette Herz - Environmental Action Committee and Burrowing Owl Conservation.
Annette Herz started advocating for burrowing owls and other birds only three years ago, and has already made her mark. Always positive and resourceful, Annette participates in a wide variety of volunteer events, from building and installing artificial burrows, to working with students to plant native vegetation and restore habitat, to organizing outreach and fundraising activities in support of Burrowing Owls. She has advocated for habitat protection and preservation countless times in front of the Mountain View City Council. We thank Annette for her tireless and proactive support of SCVAS conservation efforts.

Ulf Stauber - Cavity Nesters Recovery Program Monitor.
Some of our volunteers work quietly behind the scenes for many years, but their contributions are no less valued. Ulf has been faithfully monitoring nest boxes as part of our Cavity Nesters Recovery Program for many years, as well as helping to train new monitors. We - and the birds - are grateful for his efforts!

Laurie West-Roberts - Events and Hospitality.
Anytime SCVAS puts on a great party, you can be sure that Laurie was involved. With her endless creativity and patience when things change (and change again), her help during our fun - but sometimes hectic - events is irreplaceable! Laurie is also a super star when it comes to supporting our annual Birdathon - her team, the Snipe Hunters, consistently comes in as a top fundraising contender.

Colleen Cunningham - Office and Nature Shop Assistant.
When we last honored Colleen, her service to the Chapter had already become invaluable, and we were grateful that she had chosen to give up one Saturday every month to support our Nature Shop. Now, 12 years later, we are honored that she has continued to make volunteering with SCVAS an integral part of her regular routine.

Bob Hirt - SCVAS Board.
We were amazed to realize that this month marks Bob's 10th anniversary as a member of the SCVAS Board of Directors. And as anyone that has ever served on our board knows, we ask a lot of our board members! For ten years, Bob has dedicated his time, energy, networking abilities, creativity, and so much more to helping build a strong chapter. Whether serving as Board President, Vice-President, Director-at-Large, Finance Committee member, or Event Support, Bob's many contributions to this chapter are invaluable, and we eagerly look forward to the next ten years!

Recently Retired

We're sad to be saying goodbye to Lee French and Gordon Barrett, both of whom have been actively involved in our Chapter for many years. They will be sorely missed, but we wish them all the best - and lots of great birding! - in their new locations.


Updated June 2013.

Donating Benefits our Communities

Your tax-deductible donation allows SCVAS to increase the number of youngsters, many from low income families, that we reach with our local science education programs. Your donation dollars also support our many conservation efforts that make us one of the most effective conservation organizations in the Bay Area. We have many different ways that you can volunteer and donate.

Upcoming Events at SCVAS

Saturday April 26, 9:00 AM
Stanford Campus
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Sunday April 27, All Day
Last Day for Birdathon Teams!
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Sunday April 27, 8:00 AM (Half day)
Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
Trip limited to 20 participants; email Sonny to reserve a space (those without e-mail should call 650-814-8028). More...

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