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Oppose Salt Pond Development in SF Bay

Cargill's development proposal in Redwood City would threaten San Francisco Bay. SCVAS believes this entire section of salt ponds should be protected and restored to wetlands to benefit wildlife, water quality, residents and future generations. comments: "Minnesota-based agribusiness giant Cargill Inc. is threatening to build a massive development on 1,436 acres of restorable salt ponds in Redwood City. In May 2009, Cargill's development partner, Arizona-based luxury home builder DMB Associates, submitted a proposal to Redwood City officials to fill the salt pond site with up to 12,000 units of housing and up to 30,000 new residents. A regional outcry and strong opposition from Redwood City residents led to this initial plan being rejected in May 2012. However Cargill/DMB have vowed to continue in their attempts to build on this key piece of the Bay."

"A Bay Area environmentalist group assailed developers seeking approval for a bayside project they say would imperil wetlands that play a critical role in protecting the San Francisco Bay from pollution. "Save the Bay" spokesman Stephen Knight in a statement on Tuesday pointed to a filing Arizona-based DMB Associates made with two federal agencies earlier this year requesting regulatory clarification that he says illustrates the companies disregard for basic environmental protections. A DMB spokesman said his group is seeking clarification from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency before proposing a scaled-back plan." Read the entire article, Enviro Group Slams Saltworks Developer by Gideon Rubin.

This project is also opposed by Sequoia Audubon Society in San Mateo County, California.

How You can Help

don't Pave My Bay logo from Save the Bay

Read more about the project and sign a petition at, a project of Save the Bay. Urge Cargill to immediately halt any destructive plans to fill this key piece of the Bay and urge them to sell or donate these salt ponds to be fully restored. Don't Pave My Bay also provides tools for people to speak out and oppose the project, and opportunities to take action when necessary.