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Photo by Tom Grey

Bird of the Month: American Coot

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Name: American Coot

Size: 12-15 inches

Wingspan: 25 inches

Diet: This bird eats mostly aquatic plants and algae, but will also eat some grasses and grains and occasionally even aquatic insects, mollusks and tadpoles.

Behavior: The American Coot feeds in water and on land, and is usually found in groups. While swimming, it moves its head in a constant back and forth motion and will dive for food. It grazes for food on land. When attempting to fly, the Coot must run over the surface of the water to build up speed before it becomes airborne.

Habitat: This bird is found near shallow freshwater such as lakes, ponds, and marshes, particularly those that have reeds and grasses growing along part of the shoreline.

Field Markings: Look for a plump, dark gray bird with a white bill and yellowish feet with large lobed toes.

Fun Facts: Unlike ducks, the American Coot doesn't have webbed feet. Instead each toe has lobes on either side.

Status: The American Coot population is strong.

Migratory Route: American Coots live year-round on the West Coast and in the South. Coots who breed in northern North American migrate to the Southern US and Central America to spend the winter.

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