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Photo by Tom Grey

Bird of the Month: Burrowing Owl

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Name: Burrowing Owl

Size: 7-10 inches

Wingspan: 22 inches

Diet: Insects, scorpions, small mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles.

Behavior: Catches food with feet. Hunts by walking, hopping, or running along the ground, or by flying from perch.

Habitat: Lives in dry, open areas with no trees and short grass. Found on golf courses, cemeteries, airports, vacant lots, university campuses, pastures, and prairie dog towns.

Fun Facts: The Burrowing Owl collects mammal dung and puts it in and around its burrow. The dung attracts dung beetles, which the owl then captures and eats.

Status: Populations declining in many areas;

Migratory Route: Breeds in summer from Southern Canada to Mexico. Winters from southwestern US to El Salvador in Central America.