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Photo by Tom Grey

Behavioral Adaptation

Behavioral adaptation is the way a bird acts or behaves to stay alive. For example if the American Wigeon cannot find enough food, it will steal food right out of the bill of an American Coot, or a Snowy Egret will stand still in the water with its wings stretched out, because fish are attracted to the shade. These are ways of behaving.


See if you can guess the behavioral adaptations of these birds. Glide your mouse over the picture to see the answer. When you're done, check out the physical adaptations of birds.


Snowy Egret White-tailed Kite Double-Crested Cormorant
Why does a Snowy Egret seem to dance in the water?   How is a White-tailed Kite like a toy?   Why does the Cormorant stand for a long time with its wings stretched out?