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Photo by Tom Grey

Spring Birdathon

Our most important fundraiser

Join our Counter's or Photographer's Spring Birdathon, here's the gist:

Similar to a "walk-a-thon", it is one of our most important fundraisers. To participate, form your own Self-Guided Private team or join one of our prearranged Guided Public Teams, register online, gather pledges, and then count or photograph bird species anytime within the Spring Birdathon Window listed in the calendar for either four hours (count up to 4 hours) or 24 hours (count between 4 and 24 hours). Join our Big-sit competition to count from one circle for up to four hours. Photograph birds to compete in our Photographer's Birdathon. Count anywhere in the world to compete for Most Money prizes but within Santa Clara County to compete for Most Species and Best Bird recognitions. People who raise the most money win valuable prizes that are given away at the free awards dinner.


**2017 Registration Information Coming Soon!!**


Raise more money to win a great prize

Those that raise the most money will select a prize from a list of prizes, so raise more money to potentially win the best prizes! Review our pledge hints to help maximize your chances. Expert and beginning birders can both win big!

  • Browse our long list of sponsors and prizes often since we are always adding to it.
  • Receive your prize at the Awards Dinner in June at McClellan Ranch, where you will also get a chance to win additional prizes for quizzes, contests, and raffles.

Join the friendly competition

New to the Birdathon? Everyone is surprized how easy and fun it is! If you have any questions or need help defining your Birdathon route to maximize your count, please email the Birdathon Committee at We are there to help you!

Become a prize sponsor!

SCVAS offers many benefits to companies and individuals who donate prizes. Email our Birdathon Committee at if you would like to help us.