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Measures B & C- San Jose

Coyote Valley by Ralph Schardt
On June 5th, San Jose voters will have the chance to say “no” to sprawl by voting NO on Measure B and YES on Measure C. Measure B, or the “Evergreen Senior Homes Initiative,” allows developers to circumvent environmental review for a 200-acre gated community in Evergreen while covertly facilitating residential sprawl into the habitat and open spaces of Coyote Valley. The initiative was crafted and funded by two billionaire developers hoping to bypass the normal planning process in order to create their own more profitable set of rules for development that would force residents to subsidize the costs and consequences. That is why all of San Jose’s leaders, including Mayor Liccardo and all ten City Council Members, are opposed to Measure B (check out:
Tucked away in 367 pages of fine print, Measure B establishes a loophole in San Jose’s General Plan that could allow all commercial or industrial land to be converted into housing. Except for a couple of high rises in downtown, this means that any land that supports employment (strip malls, low rise office parks) or is vacant but designated for employment (Coyote Valley, North San Jose, Almaden) could easily be transformed into sprawling subdivisions. The threat of industrial development has loomed over Coyote Valley for decades. Measure B accelerates this threat. 
Recognizing Measure B as a serious danger to San Jose, the City added a charter amendment to June’s ballot in order to counteract Measure B should it pass. This charter amendment, Measure C, would thwart residential sprawl in places like Coyote Valley by making it infeasible to convert employment land within one mile of the Urban Growth Boundary into any other use except for open space, parks, or public services. Measure C will help protect San Jose’s residents and the environment by keeping the community, rather than the developers, in control of development. 
Time after time, SCVAS has fought hard to save Coyote Valley from bulldozers and to preserve the land as critical wildlife corridor and habitat for migratory birds. We will not give up until we win this fight, but we need your help! Join us in speaking up for Coyote Valley’s open space, birds and wildlife: sign up to volunteer for the campaign to defeat Measure B at Vote NO on Measure B and YES on Measure C.

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Say NO to Sprawl! Vote No on Measure B and Yes on Measure C