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Photo by Tom Grey

Bay Area Bird Photographers

Bay Area Bird Photographers (BABP) is a club founded by members of SCVAS. Programs are open to the public and feature an engaging presentation by a member or guest showcasing bird photography from around the world and close to home.


Support BABP

BABP is supported by SCVAS and sponsored by the Recreation-Open Space and Science Division of the City of Palo Alto. While BABP no longer requires yearly dues, we ask that you become a supporting member of SCVAS to continue your support of BABP.

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Join the Bay Area Bird Photographers email group to receive the latest photography news and to participate in discussions. This is a closed group so you must send an email request to join to

Program Time and Location

Unless otherwise indicated, programs are held:
First Wednesday of the month, September through May
7:30 to 9:00 PM

Location: Embarcadero Room, Rinconada Library, 1213 Newell Rd, Palo Alto, CA


Directions: From Highway 101 (North and South) take the Embarcadero Road West exit (northbound travelers turn left; southbound travelers turn right). Drive through three lights and turn right on Newell at the fourth light. The library is the second building on the right, just past the Cultural Center.

Upcoming Programs

A Family Matter -- Bob Lewis
Wednesday, November 6, 2019

I didn’t set out to photograph all the orders or families of birds, but at some point it became apparent that I got a kick out of photographing a new family. Then I started to get more serious and pick places to go that would let me add to my list. Depending on which list one looks at, there are somewhere between 243 and 251 families of birds. I’ve photographed about 204 of them, in all of the 36 orders. I’ll show you some of the photographs. It’s a status report


In the Wake of Vitus Bering, a photo journey of the Siberian Coast -- Mark Rauzon
Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The Russian Far East marks the western shore of the Bering Sea, a marine region less visited than Antarctica. I sailed with Debi Shearwater onboard a small New Zealand-led tour ship, to see the volcanic landscapes and abundant wildlife, in the region  of the Bering land bridge. The daily seaboard stops permitted close up views of Steller’s Sea Eagles, Sperm Whales, Walrus, Soviet Brown Bears, a myriad of seabirds, Asian birds, especially the Spoon-billed Sandpiper. This Bering Sea endemic shorebird numbering around 500 was a draw for many onboard. Join me as I show photos taken with my new Nikon 500mm f5.6 lens and tell stories of Bering and Georg Steller and the efforts to save the Spoon-billed Sandpiper.


Program Photos

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Mark Rauzon
December, 2019


Bob Lewis
November, 2019

Yamil Saenz
October, 2019

Bill Walker
May, 2019

Vayun Tiwari
April, 2019

Tom Ingram
March, 2019

Yamil Saenz
February, 2019

Bob Gunderson
January, 2019

Luis Villablanca
December, 2018

Richard Rhudy
November, 2018

Bob Lewis
October, 2018

Vivek Khanzodé
May, 2018


Doug Cheeseman
April, 2018



Mark Rauzon
March, 2018


Dorian Anderson
February, 2018

Harjeet Singh
January, 2018

Charlie Ryan
December, 2017

Julio Mulero
November, 2017

Mike Danzenbaker and Lee Hung   
October, 2017


Richard and Roberta Rhudy
May, 2017


John Richardson
April, 2017


Bob Lewis
March, 2017


Peter Hart
February, 2017