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Protect Birds and Wildlife on San Jose's Waterfront

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The Issue

March 17, 2016

Dear friend,

On Tuesday, March 22nd, San Jose proposes to approve a hotel project on the mouth of the Guadalupe River in Alviso. The site borders the Guadalupe River, the Alviso slough, salt ponds and the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge: tall box-like buildings, parking, traffic and lighting will be places smack in the middle of important bay, riparian and river wildlife habitat!

The hotels and their parking lot will massively overwhelm the Bay and River-side location without consideration of sea level rise and will forever alter the existing calm that birds and wildlife require, and shed light into the river and the riparian wildlife movement corridor. This project could impact fish migration in the Guadalupe river, and animal movement along the banks of the river. It will litter open vistas and landscape, and degrade visual and biological resources in San Jose.

This development is moving forward without transparency or necessary up-to-date environmental review. The City is proposing a 164,000 square feet, 4 story hotel based on an outdated environmental clearance that evaluated only 25,000 square feet of restaurants and retail that in 2000. The City claims the new project creates no new significant impacts. We believe it does!


Take Action Now

Email the San Jose City Council today! Tell the City Council that this project is unacceptable at this location, and they must do a new, comprehensive Environmental Impact Report with full transparency before approving the new project.


Who to Contact


Sample Text for Letter

Copy and paste this text:

Subject: Please protect open space along the Bay and the Guadelupe river

Dear Mayor Liccardo and Members of the San Jose City Council:

My name is [your name] and I am a resident of San Jose. I have great appreciation of our natural landscapes and birdlife, and I am greatly concerned with the proposed Residence Inn and Fairfield Inn & Suites Project, Item 11.3 on the Agenda for March 22nd. I ask that you please set aside the Addendum to the 2000 Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and do not approve the proposed project at this time. Please direct staff to require a new Environmental Impact Report for any project at this site.

A new EIR will allow analysis of the project in light of the numerous changes that have occurred since approval of the stale 2000 EIR. It will also provide opportunity to review a set of suitable alternatives that improve use of the site.

Most importantly, it will allow the public an opportunity to review the project and its environmental impacts, and allow you to make a fully informed decision based on current information.

The mouth of the Guadalupe River is a unique feature of San Jose's shoreline. Any project there should fully embrace the natural features, the habitat and wildlife. It should also complement the historic value of the Alviso shoreline. The project of Item 11.3 does none of that.


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