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Urgent Action Needed: Report Poachers and Polluters

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The Issue

Updated June 17, 2012

CalTIP (Californians Turn In Poachers and Polluters) is a confidential secret witness program that allows YOU to turn in anyone harming birds and wildlife or polluting our streams. CalTIP gives individuals the privacy to report factual information to the California Department of Fish and Game that could lead to an arrest of poachers and polluters.

Direct Threat to Nesting Birds. According to both federal and state laws, it is illegal to harm or kill native or migratory birds or active nests that contain eggs or chicks. Brush removal, tree trimming, and demolition during nesting season can harm or kill protected birds. It is assumed that a nest is active if adult birds are observed flying to and from a nest or sitting on a nest. If you observe a bird or an active nest threatened or destroyed, gather any important information to give the fullest description possible.

Poaching. Poaching is defined as the illegal taking of fish and or wildlife. It could mean hunting out of season, taking more fish or wildlife than is allowed by the law, and the illegal commercialization of species including but not limited to abalone and reptiles. Poaching also includes the transportation and introduction of non-native fish species into lakes and rivers as well as pollution and destroying habitats. To help offset the destruction of poaching, if you are aware of any of the practices mentioned, gather as much information as possible: description of subject, location, vehicle, direction of travel, and any other important information to give the fullest description possible.

Pollution of Creeks or Bay. Pollution of creeks and waterways is a devastating act to the ocean and marine species as well as local fish and wildlife. Pollution of such waterways includes illegal dumping of anything other than water into storm drains, sidewalks, driveways, and any area subject to drainage into sewage pipes. Heavy rains move polluted water downstream into drains, which inevitably wind up in the ocean and local wildlife habitats. If you see the illegal dumping of waste, trash, car oil, and littering near or at drains, get as much information as possible about the activity.


Take Action Now

If you would like to report a violation in progress or a report an ongoing violation, call (888) DFG-CALTIP [(888) 334-2258)], 24 hours a day, seven days a week to report people who are disturbing bird nests, poachers and polluters. You do not need to mention your name when reporting - it is absolutely confidential.


Who to Contact

Call (888) DFG-CALTIP [(888) 334-2258)], 24/7.


Sample Text for Letter

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Please report violators using the confidential phone number.


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