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Save the Stevens Creek Corridor!

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The Issue

Updated December 12, 2014

Dear Friend,

On Tuesday, December 16, Cupertino City Council will hold a study session to discuss three options for increased use and development in the Stevens Creek Corridor. Please join us and tell the City Council to reject the three proposed alternatives, since all would have significant impacts on valuable wildlife habitat and peace in the corridor. Instead, support our proposed Alternative D to preserve and enhance the creek corridor.

In the past six years, the City of Cupertino put millions of dollars of tax payer money and government agency grants into the creation of an integrated experience along Stevens Creek. The City developed recreation facilities such as the Stevens Creek Trail, the Blackberry Farm swimming pool, play structures and bocce ball court, and picnic areas, and provided bridges to increase connectivity and circulation. The construction of the trail was completed in Summer 2014, and an Environmental Education Center is still under construction. To balance this development in a sensitive riparian corridor, the City invested in the restoration of part of Stevens Creek (Blackberry Farm and along the Golf Course) and the restoration of native plant ecosystem in the park. Thousands of children and adults benefit from birding, nature walks, science exploration, and other education programs and habitat restoration activities provided by the City Naturalist and by non-profit partners, including SCVAS. The Stevens Creek Corridor and the many people who visit here are starting to enjoy a synergistic balance of agriculture, history, recreation, education, and nature in the park.

Cupertino is now looking to increase development in the Stevens Creek Corridor, some of which is incompatible with the riparian corridor (new roads and parking lots, playing fields and event venues) and other development is inconsiderate of the gentle balance of nature and people, proposing to dissect contiguous habitat with trails and bridges that would fragment the habitat, disrupt wildlife, and degrade the educational opportunities and enjoyment of nature that now benefit Cupertino residents.

Cupertino has the opportunity to complete what it started. If the golf course is to be removed, it should be replaced with habitat (forest, wetlands and meadows). The creek restoration can expand to McClellan Ranch. And McClellan Ranch West can be restored and host a native plant nursery. Roads, parking lots and playing fields do not belong here. Nature does.

Please support Alternative D and help us SAVE the gem of Cupertino: the Stevens Creek Corridor!


Take Action Now

The City of Cupertino needs to hear YOUR voice! Support Alternative D.

(1) Email the Cupertino City Council ([email?protected]) and bcc the SCVAS Environmental Advocate (advocate AT See sample letter below. Or alternatively, fill out a support form.
(2) Join us at the City Council study session: 3pm, Dec. 16th, COMMUNITY Hall, 10350 Torre Avenue
(3) Spread the word! Let your friends, family, and neighbors know about the proposals and help support nature in Cupertino.


Who to Contact

Write to the Cupertino City Council ([email protected]) and bcc the SCVAS Environmental Advocate (advocate AT


Sample Text for Letter

Copy and paste this text:

Dear Mayor Sinks and Cupertino City Council Members,

My name is [your name], and I am a resident of Cupertino [or other city]. [A few words about who you are and why you care.]

I write to ask that you choose to keep the Stevens Creek Corridor natural. Please do not fragment and degrade the Corridor with any new roads and parking lots, paved trails and bridges, or sport and recreation facilities. In the past decade, the City of Cupertino has dedicated millions of dollars to restore the creek, complete the Stevens Creek Trail, and enhance wildlife habitat. Cupertino has the opportunity to complete what it started ? a nature preserve and park for all in the middle of Cupertino. If the golf course is to be removed, it should be replaced with more nature habitat (forest, wetlands and meadows) and walking areas. The creek restoration can expand to McClellan Ranch Preserve. McClellan Ranch West can be restored and host a nursery for native California plants. Roads, parking lots and playing fields do not belong here. Nature does.

Please let us enjoy the current balance of agriculture, history, recreation, and nature that makes the Stevens Creek Corridor so special. Please select Design Option D as proposed by environmental groups and residents.

Thank you!

[YOUR ADDRESS , optional]


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