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Bay Area Bird Photographers (BABP)


Bay Area Bird Photographers is a club formed within Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society (SCVAS). Almost-monthly programs are open to the public and feature an engaging presentation by a member or guest showcasing bird photography from around the world and close to home.

Support BABP

BABP is supported by SCVAS and sponsored by the City of Palo Alto. While BABP no longer requires yearly dues, we ask that you become a yearly supporting member of SCVAS to continue your support of BABP.

Yahoo Group

Join the Bay Area Bird Photographers Yahoo Group to recieve latest photography news and participate in discussions. This is a closed group so you must send an email request to join to

Program Time and Location

Unless otherwise indicated, programs are held:
First Wednesday of the month, September through May
7:30 to 9 PM

Embarcadero Room
Rinconada Library
1213 Newell Rd, Palo Alto, CA (get map and your route)

HIGHWAY 101 (North & South): Take the Embarcadero Road West exit (northbound travelers turn left; southbound travelers turn right). Drive through three lights, and turn right on Newell at the fourth light. The library is the second building on the right, just past the Cultural Center.

HIGHWAY 280 (North & South): Take the Page Mill Road East exit (northbound travelers turn right; southbound travelers turn left). Page Mill becomes Oregon Expwy after El Camino Real. Stay on Oregon, then turn left on Middlefield Road. Turn right on Embarcadero, and then left on Newell at the next light. The library is the second building on the right, just past the Cultural Center.

BUS ROUTE: Route 35 runs on Middlefield and stops at Embarcadero. Route 86 stops several blocks from the library at Embarcadero & Louis.

PARKING: The parking lot entrance is just past the library. Additional parking is available between the library and the Cultural Center.

Upcoming Programs

Bay Area Bird Photographers Meeting
Wednesday September 7 7:30-9PM
Location: Embarcadero Room, Rinconada Library, Palo Alto

The first meeting this season will feature our annual "BYOP" (bring your own photos) program. It provides an opportunity for our members to show some of their best and most recent work. It is always well received, and it often identifies potential speakers for future programs. All are encouraged to participate.

Show up with a maximum of 10 photos to share with the rest of the evening's attendees. It's your choice as to what photos to bring: a summer trip, favorites from the year, a single bird study, whatever. Place your jpeg images on a USB flash drive; during the evening we'll simply plug your drive into the projector and give you each about 2 minutes to share your photos with the group.

A couple notes on photo preparation:
1) The projector sorts the photos by file name in alphanumeric order.
2) Do not use the "progressive" option in Photoshop for outputting your jpeg images, as this format is not supported by our projector.
3) Best to avoid full resolution images for better projector performance. 1400 pixels on the long edge is good.


The Bay Area Bird Photographers Meeting
Wednesday October 5 7:30-9:00 PM
Location: Embarcadero Room, Rinconada Library, Palo Alto

Our October program will be "Brazil's Pantanal" with Doug Cheeseman

The Pantanal is the world's largest tropical wetland area with thriving, well protected wildlife and diverse ecosystems. With animals in action not just in the early and late parts of the day, but all day in places like on the Cuiaba River, a photographer hardly wants to take a break for lunch. Doug's program will focus on the birds, mammals and reptiles during the dry season of July through September from four previous trips. Wildlife concentrates along the receding banks of rivers and around the remaining large pools surrounded by marshlands. Jaguar photography becomes a big attraction. In the northern Pantanal on the Cuiaba River with the present level of protection one is just about guaranteed to see Jaguar from May through October, also at Caiman Lodge in the southern Pantanal where Jaguar, Ocelot, Maned Wolf and Giant Anteaters are now protected and thriving, attracting wildlife photographers. Doug has some good photos and stories about these exciting mammals. Doug has been to the Pantanal about eight times starting in the early 90s, but only since about 2005 could he count on great Hyacinth Macaw, Toco Toucan and other eye-popping birds to stay put and carry on their foraging and courting and all their great behaviors when a photographer approached. Former poachers are now hired as guides as well as hired at the ranches to protect wildlife. Doug will present a fast paced program with about 140 to 150 images and talk throughout about the wildlife and their behaviors.


Program Photos

Click on a photo to see more pictures

Doug Cheeseman
October, 2016

Vivek Tiwari
May, 2016

Tom Ingram
April, 2016

Mark Rauzon
March, 2016

David Cardinal
February, 2016

John Richardson
January, 2016

Vivek Khanzode and Luis Villablanca
December, 2015

Yamil Saenz
November, 2015

Mike Danzenbaker and Lee Hung
October, 2015

Pati Rouzer
May, 2015

Sue Petterson
April, 2015

Vajapeyam Sukumar
March, 2015

Arash Hazeghi
February, 2015

John Richardson
January, 2015

Beth Hamel
December, 2014

Julio Mulero
November, 2014

Davor Desancic
October, 2014

Doug Cheeseman
May, 2014

Caroline Lambert
April, 2014

Luis Villablanca
March, 2014

Pati Rouzer and Vivek Tiwari
February, 2014

Tom Grey
January, 2014

Eleanor Briccetti
December, 2013

Larry Selman
November, 2013
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