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We owe the success of our chapter to our many dedicated volunteers! There is a wide variety of opportunities in education, conservation, and organizational support, as an individual or on a committee. Our Programs Coordinator will work with you to find activities that match your interests, skills, and availability. As a volunteer, you can learn new skills, explore areas of interest, meet other people, and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Individual Opportunities

Adult Education Classes. Plan and organize educational programs for adults under the guidance of the Education Committee.

Conservation Action Alert Network. Receive alert emails when action is required on an important conservation issue. To subscribe to or unsubscribe from the Conservation Action Alert Network, simply fill out this online form.

Bird Counts. Participate in Christmas and Breeding Bird Counts for Santa Clara Valley Audubon's four count circles: Palo Alto (CBC and BBC), San Jose (CBC), Calero-Morgan Hill (CBC), and Mount Hamilton (CBC).

Bird Sanctuary Program. Spread public awareness of the importance of creating bird- and other wildlife- friendly habitat in urban and suburban areas.

Cavity Nesters Recovery Program. The CNRP volunteers establish and monitor nest box trails for cavity nesting birds and report nesting activity.

Educators. Teach children about birds, habitat, and nature through classroom presentations, field trips as a docent, or interactive activities. Help develop educational materials for use by staff, volunteers, and outside educators.

Wetlands Discovery Program Docents (WDP). Guide elementary grade students in exploring wetland birds, habitats, and ecology in classrooms and field trips as a docent. Read more Volunteer Information (PDF). View our WDP Calendar of upcoming events.

Already a WDP Docent and ready to sign-up for this season's programs? Add your available dates and times on our Doodle calendar. Additional details and information will be sent to you several days in advance of each program. Thank you!

Young Audubon Program. Organize events, field trips, and excursions for children and their families outside of the classroom.

Event Support and Hospitality. Provide support for events: setting and cleaning up, welcoming attendees, or assisting with many other event tasks.

Field Trip Leader. Lead a free recurring or one-time only beginner to advanced birding field trip.

Library. Maintain our extensive library, processing and re-shelving books and updating catalogues.

Office Assistant. Help with various office tasks, including data entry, photocopying, promotional mailings, and Nature Shop inventory.

Publicity. Publicize events, activities, and efforts to the public through local media outlets.

Nature Shop. Assist with sales, displays, promotions, and ordering for our shop. Help find new products that further our educational and conservation goals while maximizing profits. Maintain our booth at occasional fairs.

Technology Support
Ensure that our technological capacity and equipment sufficiently supports all programs.

Website Support
Plan and update our website to communicate information about our programs, activities, and news.

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Committee Opportunities

Fundraising Committee. Plan and execute fundraising strategies to support our effective programs.

Diversity Committee. Work to engage and better serve members of underrepresented populations and communities.

Birdathon Committee. Help plan and execute our yearly Spring Birdathon that supports our youth science and education programs, and also our many conservation efforts in the Bay Area. Read more about our Spring Birdathon.

Board of Directors. Help define the long-range goals and direction of our chapter, make important policy decisions and maintain fiscal solvency.

Education Committee. Plan and implement environmental education programs and activities for schoolchildren, families, and adults.

Environmental Action Committee. Help with our many conservation efforts. Evaluate and set conservation policies for our chapter. Take actions to promote those policies in our community.

Field Trip Committee. Support and organize field trips, for both adults and children.

Finance Committee. Review our chapter budget, expenses, income, and investments. Make fiscal recommendations to the Board of Directors to maintain chapter solvency.

Membership Committee. Maintain and increase our membership, coordinate membership drives and attend outreach events. Maintain the membership database, updating records and generating renewal notices.

Newsletter Committee. Help organize, edit, and publish our newsletter, the Avocet. Help determine the content in accordance with the policies and programs of the organization.

Speaker Series Committee. Coordinate our free monthly Speaker Series featuring topics related to birds, wildlife, and habitat, including trip narratives and discussions of recent and ongoing research by local experts.

Volunteer Committee. Ensure the development of a supportive and rewarding relationship between SCVAS and its volunteers. Establish policy and oversee the recruitment, training, and support of volunteers.


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Become a Volunteer

How to Volunteer

Fill out our Volunteer Sign-up form or contact our Programs Coordinator at (408) 252-3740 or by email.

Check out our most pressing opportunities.

View our volunteer calendar.

NOTE: Volunteers interested in working directly with children must be willing to be fingerprinted.

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